Bishop Brand

Those who interact with Bishop Brand owner Caden Bishop come to expect himself in a purple presentation through his online profiles. When Caden came to me regarding the branding of his NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (NR2003) leagues, it was easy to know what would stand out.

No current lead competitors utilize a purple backdrop to personify their NR2003 sim league. Most of these leagues are spur-of-the-moment organizations that carry an impermanence due to the manner of their launch and their conformity to NASCAR Series logos that follow rectangular dimensions.

Within communication with Caden, three words that stuck out to this identity process were alternative, consistency, and realm, generally promoting the community-based pride for the organization. A mind-map was constructed to empower deep layers of inspiration to unfold onto a canvas.

What unfolded for the Bishop Brand was a vertical rectangular logomark stemming from the NABART’s roots on mobile-only applications, as well as the purple strikes evoking motion that a racing organization should contain, but encased within the rectangle reminiscent of a portal, hearkening back to the realm concept.

Underneath the Bishop Brand umbrella, the NABART and BATE are alternative low-fidelity sim racing products. Caden requested a “simplified but not simplified” logo that would carry over to social media and other potential platforms initially for the NABART.

Adhering to the previous brand’s indigo base and violet accents, what blossomed was a geometric-rose shape, tiering lines of text illuminating hierarchy.

Violet accent bars were placed at opposite ends of text to illuminate the motion blur of speed.

Along with the NABART logo followed new branding for the division’s developmental series, the BATE, instead with hierarchy leading multiple layers underneath the namesake.