BankNH Pavilion

The branding package for the BankNH Pavilion embodies its predominance as an amphitheater-style concert venue in Gilford while exemplifying its relationship with its sponsor, Bank of New Hampshire. It represents a refresh to highlight their expansion as a more contemporary musical performance center within greater New England due to an investment and partnership with LiveNation. The logo emphasizes the distinctive shape of the pavilion, with a thoughtful incorporation of the Bank of New Hampshire logo for brand emphasis and unification. The juxtaposition of a deep maroon aligned with the color application of a trustworthy blue creates cohesive imagery. This design not only symbolizes the physical presence of the BankNH Pavilion, it illuminates its objective of the provision of a fun and interactive musical experience for its patrons.

In response to Bank NH Pavilion’s need for decals promoting their new recycling initiative with a musical twist, a design was executed that is both creative and impactful. The logo features a planet resembling Earth, where the main continent takes the shape of a guitar body, complete with a guitar neck and headstock protruding from the land area. This innovative fusion of musical elements and environmental consciousness provides a unique and memorable visual representation of the venue’s commitment to sustainability. The guitar-shaped continent not only reinforces the musical identity of the pavilion, but also communicates a socially conscious message regarding the importance of responsible environmental practices in the entertainment industry.

This project showcases a harmonious synergy between brand aesthetics, venue identity, and sustainability. It endorses the BankNH Pavilion’s position as a leading concert venue committed to artistic excellence while emphasizing its commitment to the region through its efforts of environmental responsibility.