Branding Suite

A branding suite encompasses a brand’s cohesive representation and identity. These HFC branding materials demonstrate how we engage our customers and reflect their interaction with our products and services. A lasting brand recognition means the difference between generating business or being unnoticed.

Each piece of the overall branding suite is critical to conveying the essence of your business. Individually, they entail an important part of your company’s story and together, they yield a universal message about your company’s values and services’ mission. A harmonious branding suite evokes a compelling first and sustainable impression. It places your business in the forefront of customers’ minds and cultivates the initial stage of trust crucial to productive collaborations.


A symbol of a company’s professionalism, a logo is a central component to a company’s branding suite. It exudes the uniqueness of the company and its provision of services and products. Further, it serves as the personality of the company while promoting brand identity and recognition.

Business Card

A business card, much like the logo, is part of a trifecta of branding identity materials. It is a communication tool for conveying the essence of a company’s brand. Through a visual extension, it conveys who the company is and what it stands for. It sets a precedent for a successful business relationship.


The third part of the brand recognition trifecta is the letterhead of a company. Letterhead induces a demonstration of commitment to professional communications. A physical representation of the company, letterhead not only serves as a means for correspondence within the letter, it ensures that the brand’s image is simultaneously communicated for a lasting impression.

Digital Résumé

A digital resume is an online professional representation of one’s professional competencies. It is a pertinent tool for hiring managers to easily access how a candidate’s background and experiences align with the requirements of a position. It marries the creativity of the candidate with a demonstrated digital proficiency thereby increasing the potential for an expedited interview and job procurement. 

Leave-Behind Piece

The leave-behind piece is the second bookend to the digital resume in the pursuit of employment. This piece could involve anything from a sticker design to this wooden thank you note to reflect one’s creativity, brand, and professional personality. This can also serve as a token of remembrance for a positive interaction with potential clients or for a networking event. It is an asset for brand promotion and effective public relations.