The “End Daylight Savings Time” public health poster campaign is a compelling visual narrative designed to promote awareness of the negative health impacts associated with the transition into Daylight Savings Time. The backdrop of the poster mirrors the transitioning daylight into darkness, symbolizing the prevailing theme of darkness during the late fall, winter, and early spring seasons. The color gradient from dark orange, red, and dark pinks at the bottom to dark purple and black towards the top of the poster effectively creates a stark contrast for the white text. This design intention emphasizes the campaign’s call to action. The prominent, heavy typeface at the top boldly states “End Daylight Savings Time” thereby denoting the purpose of engagement. Concurrently, the crucial overview below elucidates the interconnection with the circadian rhythm and clarifies the purpose for the need for change.

The middle of the poster illuminates the urgency of this issue. This is elucidated through the left-aligned circle which features tombstone iconography and is accompanied by the worst case scenario that “Daylight Savings Time Kills.” Three distinct columns, each represented by circles and iconography, highlight the detrimental effects on physical, mental, and neurological health. Statistics illustrating the impact of negative health outcomes due to Daylight Savings Time completes the body section of the poster endorsing the need for the call to action.

End Daylight Savings Time sunset poster

The bottom of the poster addresses solutions and actionable steps to counteract Daylight Savings Time. A QR code to the right elicits viewer response for the cause by signing a petition to end Daylight Savings Time, turning the poster into an interactive tool for advocacy. Overall, the design combines impactful visuals, prominent placement, statistical information, and a call to action, making it a persuasive piece for a public health campaign.