SNHU Makerspace

The pride of campus community creatives at Southern New Hampshire University, the SNHU Makerspace allows a welcoming environment for students and staff alike to address and execute intricate and large-scale projects, whether academically or personally.

The Makerspace promotes inclusivity and the access of a variety of vital equipment and resources for mechanical education enrichment. Within the collaboration between Hookline Falls Creative and the SNHU Makerspace existed a pathway to allow quality and personable service intertwined in an important realm of design.

Promoting the variety to mediums that can be addressed at the Makerspace, existed the notion to address a full-length color palette, alluding to inclusion and the diverse reaches that Makerspace staff represent. A strong and clean wordmark with thick, sharp lines enabling balance for the interior secondary logo hearkened to the industrial avenues the SNHU Makerspace captures with equipment like the Laser Engraver and 3D Printer. The emblem mark and wordmark are interchanged around various media dimensions, such as flyers, instruction sheets, and social media assets.

As with all physical B2C outlets comes event promotions, and thus marketing correctly to a tight demographic of college students makes every move crucial to nail media output. Events such as workshops and equipment demos can bring in an exorbitant amount of students, so minute details matter most. Traditional forms of print media such as flyers and posters are placed strategically in densely populated areas on campus, and in areas with digital videoboards saw largescale media efforts.

Stationary marketing wasn’t exclusive to event promotion, as identity marketing, social media, and highlighted projects that came out of the Makerspace were showcased as well. This included Instagram Story Highlight covers, YouTube thumbnails,

Please check out the @snhu.makerspace Instagram, the SNHU Makerspace YouTube playlist, and Southern New Hampshire University’s Campus Experience page.