Mayan Eminence

The “Mayan Eminence” poster series is an enthralling depiction of Mayan Astrology. It is a visual guide navigating the viewer through the captivating exploration of Mayan Astrology, weaving together the compelling artistry of pertinent design elements in a marriage with cosmic symbolism. Comprised of four posters, the project exudes a dedication to a cardinal direction within Mayan Astrology, emanating the harmonious blend of design with their sophisticated astrology system and spiritual insight.

The lead color scheme takes center stage, with white embodying the north, yellow aligning with the south, blue evoking the west, and red representing the east. Each direction is paired with a prominent Uianal sign – Wind for north, Light for south, Eagle for west, and Crocodile for east – visually presented in black and superimposed on a background of its designated compass color. The right-aligned text on each poster yields a visually pleasing balance to the overall composition, and provides a descriptive narrative of the sign, accompanied by characteristic traits for those born under it. The series concludes with a compass design for each direction and a subtle tinge of its color at the bottom, ensuring a visual thread of consistency and harmony throughout the posters. “Mayan Eminence” transcends the ordinary, inviting viewers on a celestial journey through Mayan Astrology, where each poster serves as a portal to the ancient wisdom and cosmic connections embedded in these revered symbols.