Palace Theatre

In collaboration with Hookline Falls Creative and regional designer Jaranamos, the Palace Theatre embarked on an exciting logo and merchandise design project to celebrate statewide recognition of the region becoming the solidified epicenter of New Hampshire’s art community. The overall initiative was the development of the state’s first film festival. Coined the Manchester International Film Festival and hosted under the Palace Theatre umbrella, designers and creatives were brought together to showcase their talents in art and film.

The Palace Theatre underwent a rebrand to illuminate its role as the state’s mecca for the arts community. The application of teal represented a departure from its previous dynamic blue. Culminating in a visually engaging piece, hues of yellow and dark lavendar complement the teal for a more contemporary brand recognition. The new color palette additionally reflects the brand expansion encompassing both the Palace and Rex Theatre venues and symbolizing a unification that elucidates why Manchester is so deserving of this honor.

The merchandise designs, a product of the broader rebranding effort, serves as a visual accompaniment to the Palace Theatre’s renewed identity. The trapezium-shaped design elegantly combines the three signature colors – lavender cascading into teal and yellow – and ties them in with the alignment with the Rex Theater encapsulating the vibrancy and diversity of the Manchester cultural landscape. Overall, the merchandise designs celebrate the rich heritage of this theater district and Manchester’s commitment to the advancement of the arts.