Racing Is Forever

Welcome to Racing Is Forever (RIF)! We encourage you to visit often as we are continuously updating our website with driver information, racing schedules, and sponsorship acquisitions.

We are excited to showcase our newest sponsor, Hookline Falls Creative (HFC) throughout our website. HFC manages all of our graphic design needs. They have become an invaluable partner as they truly capture the essence of our racing business. 

Since our inception in 2019, RIF has quickly risen among the ranks to be one of the sports’ premier racing institutions. Owned by new team owner Martin Castles, we are a small company striving to attain career wins and ARCA Series records. With a vision embracive of the tenets of motorsports history coupled with a drive fueled by a more contemporary approach, we believe that in short order, RIF will rival NASCAR’s long-term racing teams and will eventually exceed their success to attain our very own place in racing history.

We’re glad to have our fans as part of our ride to the top!