An online motorsport brand from Muskegon, Michigan, Royalty in its entirety is all about proper presentation and respect. Drivers are represented by this mass-medium disruptor with an intent to intimidate others on-track and taking the advantage. Expectations of a simple logo that commanded respect and high regard, Royalty had a big possibility of growth.

Crown iconography found within the negative space of “Royalty” combined with the indentation of the “O” and the forwards skew of the wordmark promote necessary motion that should be expected of any racing enterprise.

In addition to an identity that was unapologetic in its approach to success, the core of a race team’s branding is dependent on their numbers, especially within stock car racing. With the starting base to design a number twenty that embodied the brash Royalty demeanor, what unfolded was a strong numberset that could be recognizable from any spectator’s distance from a racetrack.